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About Jumpstart Healthy Cooking

I believe in making one change at a time and going slow for lasting results.

This is a 7 day course spread over 14 days. Every couple of days, you will receive an email in your inbox with an awesome idea to make your cooking healthier! All you have to do is try out the suggestions and without telling your family that it is "healthy", get their opinion on taste and delicious quotient! Based on their feedback, adjust and create your own favourites!

The important thing is to master each step before you make more changes to your cooking. If you need to go slow, you could spread out the course . Just save the email and get back to it later. I wish you much health and happiness in your journey!

I firmly believe that the key to health is in our hands. The cure is not in the hospital or medicine shop but in the kitchen!

Nandini Gulati, Holistic Health Coach

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